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Raiffeisen Capital Management erhält erneut Höchstnote von Scope Ratings

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Raiffeisen Capital Management, an asset manager, has once again been awarded the „AAA“ rating for excellent quality and competence in managing sustainable fund strategies by the analysis firm Scope. Hannes Cizek, CEO of Raiffeisen Capital Management, expressed his joy at this top rating from Scope, stating that it further reinforces their credibility and leading role in sustainable fund investments. Scope recognizes Raiffeisen Capital Management for its high motivation at all levels to effectively manage sustainable fund strategies and continuously incorporate new insights and improvements into their processes. According to Scope, Raiffeisen Capital Management’s expanded multidimensional investment process ensures that all tangible aspects of sustainability are considered in allocation decisions without neglecting financial aspects. The comprehensive, integrative, and high-quality investment process is reflected in the allocation of target portfolios and creates the conditions for reducing investment risk and ensuring responsible management of entrusted assets. The report also highlights the development of the investment process, stating that the sustainability approach has been expanded in 2023 to include consideration of companies‘ discretionary ESG assessments on future topics and engagement evaluations, in addition to the already relevant ESG corporate value. In every investment decision, the three-element ESG corporate indicator (ESG sector assessment: future topics & policies, ESG corporate value, and engagement evaluation) is taken into account alongside the traditional detailed fundamental analysis.


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